Bringing Restricted Items on Plane

Most people often think they know what to bring and what not to bring when flying, but there are things you might miss and might get in trouble for when going on vacation or holiday to exotic destinations. Every country has different laws and different goods that are taxed, tariffed and probited, so be mindful of that.

There is a recent story of a Mongolian individual who tried to bring with her local foods into the United States, but ended up being detained and having her goods confiscated.

Horse meat is prohibited from entering the United States unless accompanied by an official government certification from the country or government where it originated.

Otherwise, it’s considered “unknown ruminant meat” and seized to prevent the spread of foot and mouth disease, according to the release. Horse meat from Mongolia is prohibited.

Source: Huffinton Post

In a different case, there was a Mongolian individual who lost all his mongolian fur , his sole way of making a living because he didn’t have the paperwork to move his goods between borders.

While this situation is sad, there can be extreme instances where you are punished to a degree that no one even expeced.

Before travel and flying, you should take a not of the local laws and learn about the culture you are visiting. There were Americans who received the death penalty for bringing cannabis with them to Saudi Arabia. While to some people it seem crazy punishment for such a small minor incident, to other people it’s a major offense.

Sensitive Material

Before flying, take to consider what you are bringing with you when it comes to sensitive material. Is the product or good you are taking with you only exclusive to the country you are visiting? This means clothing material, gems, etc. Usually the more exotic and the more valuable these have to be properly discussed with an expert.

Powdered Goods

Are you bringing goods that are in powder form? Creatine, whey protein, tea, or medicine? Make sure you have the proper papers to show that it’s actually what it is. Because in certain cases where if you are unable to show proofs, you will have to forfeit your goods.

In rare instances, powdered forms of good could be mistaken for drugs and other illegal substances so it’s always best to consider the risks.

Food and animals products

Believe it or not certain snacks are not allowed onboard flights. This includes meat, diary, and other animal products that might “supposedly” be harmful for the local ecology.

This depends on the country and where you are visiting. While in such situations you won’t get in much trouble but just eat it before you enter your flight or throw it away before boarding.

Certain airliners and airports don’t allow you to bring liquids more than 250ml, but there are such rules that might seem stupid to us.

So if you are traveling abroad, be mindful of the local rules, regulations and other laws that might prohibit you from brining certain items and products with you.

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