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Things to Keep in Mind When Transporting Furniture

Things to Keep in Mind When Transporting Furniture

If you plan an transporting goods and products around the world, there are a few things that you should keep in mind, especially when it comes to furniture and pieces that are fragile and need delicate care.

People most often ship furniture pieces such as a chair, a bed, a drawer, etc like: Some of them can be folded into smaller packages that don’t take too much space, but some other furniture are not as easy as they are not able to be disassembled. Such furniture pieces will be more expensive and perhaps take more effort to move.

But anyways here are some important tips and things to consider if you plan on shipping with us.


Make sure the dimensions are according to the regulatory standard and has a compact look about them. Certain furniture pieces that take up more space and volume is because of the weird dimensions. If the furniture is foldable or can be separated into different smaller pieces and can be constructed later, then you will be saving money and space when transporting such goods.


If the furniture piece is made out of fragile material such as marble or weak plywood etc, you have to take extra care of packaging and making sure they don’t get cracks along the way. It’s pretty common for furniture pieces to be broken and in 2 pieces when packaging is not taken care of well.

You have to assume that the people who are shipping your goods are not going to be gentle with your products even if you label it as fragile. Mainly the responsibility comes down to you and packaging it well with cushions and foam to ensure your package is resistant to shock.


Heavier pieces will cost more, but heavier does not necessarily mean a furniture piece is better. There can be very sturdy materials that look elegant as well as sturdy even if it is on the lighter side. If you are a manufacturer take the weight of a specific furniture piece into consideration before producing it, because your shipping cost will increase the heavier the package is going to be.

Air or Freight

Finally it comes down to how fast you want your items shipped. Air shipments usually take 2 days or so arrive, whereas freight can take a week up to a month if it’s international shipment. You could have warehouses in different countries or states, but the costs will have to justify the shipping expenses for such things.

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